Why Website Speed Matters

A slow website can frustrate your potential customers which is something that you definitely don’t want. You want your user experience unhindered so visitors can effortlessly receive the information they are actually exploring for.
Faster loading speed and targeted content are vital elements for increasing sales for your online business. A single second’s delay can result in contributing to 10% of bounce rate.
1. Indication of Quality - First Impression
The speedy website indicates the quality of the website and makes a nice first impression to the prospective visitors. It all comes down to psychology. People tend to judge faster websites as more reliable and professional.
2. Competitive Advantage
As the speed expectations of online users are rising, slower websites will quickly lose to the competition.
3. Sales Conversion and Bounce Rate
Statistics are showing that 40% of people will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Most reputed and trustworthy online brand Amazon revealed that they would lose $1.6 BILLION every year if they slowed down by just one second. Since customers won’t wait for an only single extra second for Amazon, it could be the more serious impact on your sales conversion.
4. User Experience
People are visiting your website to explore something. To get a good user experience, it is fundamental to have well organized informative content with the fastest possible loading time. A slow website will frustrate your targeted customers.
5. Hurting Brand value in long run
Due to poor load time, customers gradually stop referring your service to others. Slowly it will affect the credibility of your website, which may hurt your brand in the long run.
6. Impact in Google rank
Google openly revealed that their algorithm is also inclined to website speed. If your server is slower than two seconds, it will reduce the number of crawlers. Your latest blog posts and content updates will not be picked up by Google.

The website is the virtual front face of any business. The slower website will nothing but hampering your brand value. So it’s very important to explain the visitors about their needs without any delay. In short, Faster page load = better rankings = higher sales.