CDN - Content Delivery Network

What is CDN?
The CDN or content delivery network refers to a group of servers (also called Edge Servers) which are geographically located different parts of the globe and work together to provide fast browsing experience of a website content. Each CDN Edge Server caches the static content of a site like the images, CSS, JS, videos, audios and transfer quickly the resources needed for website loading.

Difference between Web Hosting and CDN
CDN's are not a substitute for hosting and both are working differently. We can say web hosting server is the central content repository and CDN’s are the cache of that repository. CDNs are designed to take their instructions from a central server and serve out the website contents and files from different geographic locations on the globe.

How CDN Works
CDN technique is based on content replication. Each CDN Edge Servers caches the static content of a site like the images, CSS/JS, audios and videos. When a user requests to browse your site, the edge server nearest to user will deliver the static content, ensuring the shortest distance for the data to travel, therefore providing the fastest site experience.
Benefits of CDN
1. Improve page load speed
Visitors are accessing the website content from a nearby CDN server, and experience faster page loading.
2. Handle high traffic loads
CDN’s are highly redundant as requests can always be transferred to other servers if one of them is down.
3. Block spammers, scrapers and other bad bots
Most of the CDNs are smart enough to block spammers in an intelligent manner which is quite difficult through website hosting itself.
4. Load Balancing
All traffic are monitored and distributed among the edge servers, so there will not be any huge load on your hosting server and website content will be always available without having any delay.
5. Secure your application
A CDN may improve security by providing DDoS mitigation, improvements to security certificates, and other optimizations.
6. Search Engine Ranking
Due to higher page speed and reduce bounce rate, automatically gives better search engine ranking.

CDN is the best way to enhance web performance across the globe. In this digital era where all businesses are interested in a global approach, CDN should be the right choice to reach worldwide in an efficient, secure, spam free and cost effective manner.