Domain Privacy | WHOIS Protection

Domain privacy or WHOIS protection hides the website owner's personal details from the public WHOIS database. When somebody buys a domain name from somewhere, their personal information has to be sent to the ICANN which is an international governing body for the domain name. If domain privacy service has not been chosen yet, it goes public through WHOIS database. Then through WHOIS search anybody can view the website owner's personal details like phone no, email id, address and many more.
Privacy protection hides personal contact information from the WHOIS search. There are multiple benefits of this. You can keep yourself aloof from the telemarketer and spammers. Otherwise, you will be flooded with phone calls and emails about different services like web development, SEO, freelance opportunities and many more. Sometimes, scammers may contact you when your domain will be about to expire. They may offer you "renewal services" which is nothing but stealing your money.
As per my suggestion, although domain privacy is not compulsory, the little bit of extra cost can save your time and trouble down the road.