Web-Hosting Selection

This video is all about how to select a right web hosting for your website. There are so many factors involved in this that it could make you confuse during the selection process.
I'll guide you through the specially designed 10 checklists to ensure all you know exactly how to choose the right one.

1. Know Your Requirements.

Here I have listed few questions, you should ask yourself first:
* What Operating system do you need? Linux or Windows
* If it's an open source application, then know their particular system requirements.
* What programing language do you need? PHP, Python or anything else?
* If any specific software needed in future, then what permissions do you have to install that later?
* What will be the Volume of the traffic of your website?
* What will be the locations of your mostly visitors?

2. Disk Space and Bandwidth - Limitations
Check the space and the bandwidth, the hosting plan is providing. Always better to go for unlimited options in this category.

3. Numbers of add-on domains
It's always preferable to have multiple domain hosting option in your hosting plan. In future, if you need more website to launch for SEO or any other purposes, you will not need to buy the separate hosting again.

4. Essential features
You should have some important features such as file manager, site stats, FTP / SFTP, One click installer[Install open sources like WordPress, Drupal, Open cart and 100s more], and DNS management. They should provide access to .htaccess file in editable mode.

5. Control panel
Make sure about the hosting control panel. It's always preferable to have with extensive functionality, because it's the interface of your hosting account. cPanel is the best in this category.

6. CDN- Content Delivery Network
CDN will turbocharge your site access for your readers and customers. CDN works as a set of cached servers around the world that host a replica version of the content of your website. So your audience get your website content from their nearby CDN server. It's preferable to have CDN in your hosting but if not, you can buy from 3rd party later.

7. Site backup
This is very important factor in your hosting plan. The server could be crashed by any physical damage or by virus attack. Even the database could be crashed as well. But if your site backup is activated, then you can get back your website at any point of time without any hassle.

8. Live chat / telephone support
This is another important point. There should be one immediate contact person from the hosting company to resolve the downtime or any technical issues on your behalf.

9. Signup Price vs Renewal Price
Most of the hosting companies give cheapest lucrative deals for signup but sometimes, it is 80% more during the renewal time. So be aware before you go to purchase.

10. Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee
It's important to know the refund policy if things go wrong.
There are some hosting companies that charge absurdly high cancellation fees when users cancel their accounts. My advice? Look for providers who give anytime money-back guarantee.